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"My Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary" (2000)

My Grandparents had planned to hold their 50th Anniversary party at Cobblestone Manor Reception in Mt. Eliza. As many of their guests were senior citizens I was asked to prepare a simple map to show the location of the Manor that could be sent out with the invitations. For this particular map I only provided the necessary information immediately around Cobblestone Manor and provided Melway References for them to look up and find their way there. I also incorported the Melway Grid to give a quick visual connection between the two maps.

This is a larger version of the completed map. The actual finished size is slightly larger than an A6 size (175 x 120mm).

This map is the first map I produced for the purpose of sending out with an invitation

Cobblestone Manor

What my grandparents said about their map...
"Jason's idea of a small map included in all our 50th Anniversary invitations was an excellent idea, as it gave our guests an easy access to "Cobblestone Manor", as some lived a fair distance away it was a very simple way for them to locate the address"

Iris Wright
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