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Birthday Party Maps:

"Cheryls 50th Birthday Party" (2003)

My Aunt Cheryl lives on farm about 5 km out from a small country town "Marong" on the outskirts of Bendigo. Her mother and kids decided to throw a huge 50th surprise celebration for her and hired a local hall. They asked me to produce a map that could be sent out with each invitation to show guest where the hall was. As there was going to be a lot of guests I need to show where Marong was in relation to the directions of access (from Melbourne, Bendigo etc)and where Cheryl lived in relation to it. The also asked me to show where they could park.

For this map I decided not to use a legend and used self explanatory pictorial symbols. Please note that this map was produced using Microsoft PhotoDraw which I had never used prior to creating this map. The limitations of using this program are clearly seen in the linework and symbol design. All of my other mapping projects have been created using Corel Draw. This is a large version of the completed map. The actual finished size is an A4 size (297 x 210mm).

Cheryl's 50th Surprise Birthday Party

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