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"Kurts 21st Party" (2003)

My mate Kurt asked me if I could do some photoshopping to some of his photos to put on his 21st invitation. I told him I learnt some Photoshop skills doing a course at uni on it but they were more along the lines of how to create 'Art' using the tools rather than editing the photographs. I also told him it would be a learning experience for me and would be happy to take up the challenge.

I decided to use Corel Photopaint (as I knew my way a little better in terms of photo editing) and was very quickly able to learn how to 'cut' out shapes and figures out of photos as I have done with the 2 below pics of Kurt (formal dressed & baby).

I would like to thank Kurt for giving me the opportunity to work with him and to allow me to expand my skills using photo editing tools.

This is approximately the actual size of the completed invitation (depending on your screen resolution and size). The actual finished size is an A6 size.

Kurts 21st Birthday Party

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