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Prices are currently under review. My apologies. Please contact me if you wish to have a FREE quote prepared. A price guide will be available soon to provide you with a clear guide to how much you would expect to pay.

As a guide, Wedding Maps begin at $80 and can be up to about $200 dependant on the details you require to be included, and number of maps (designs) required.

This price is for the artwork only and is the same whether in black and white or colour. Printing is an added cost depending on what type of paper you require, as well the number of copies you need to give out to your guests. However, when printing, colour is a more expensive option, and you can either ask me to provide them already printed for you, or I can supply the file on a disc for you to print yourself and with as many copies as you like!

Party Maps and Event Map begin at $40 and range up to about $200, again depending on what details you require. Larger jobs are priced on application.

Graphic design are all priced on application but start from as low as $15.

Please contact me at if you would like any further information or if I can be of service to you.

Jason Allan Mapping & Graffix

Page Last Edited: 2nd August 2007

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