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RMIT Maps:

Design & Electronic Publishing 1A

"Computer Labs for Geospatial Science Students" (2004)

As a part of the Design & Electronic Publishing 1A course we were assigned a project to prepare a thematic map related to the RMIT campus. The theme I chose was to show the location of all copmuter laboratries within the campus that I and other Geospatial Science students had access to. I also included what software and hardware facilities were available in these labs, and open/close times, contact details, and printing instructions. This map was aimed specifically at 1st year students and students who were new or returning to the campus (as I was) and needed to be aware of all these computer labs, as the main 2 in our department are constantly full when you just need that 5 minutes to print out lecture notes etc.

To give you an idea of the challenge I undertook I have provided an image of the RMIT base map used to create my map. I rotated the data in such a way to give it an isometric view allowing me to explode the 3 levels of labs in buidling 12, and oriented the map so that the viewer could focus in on this area.

RMIT base map data

This is a large version of the completed map. The actual finished size is an A3 size (420 x 297mm).

Computer Labs for Geospatial Science Students

Other Maps produced while at RMIT:

"Great Ocean Road"

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